Racers Guild 2019 - Wonderland - Round 1

Posted by Adam Coxon on

Racers Guild is a fantastic way of getting into racing, times gone by it was called "Riders Guild". Not officially a race back then, nowadays it's a full on BC points awarded race which attracts both beginners and seasoned racers.
My race didn't start as planned, I slid out on some leaf cover in practice and landed heavily on my left hand, later I was to find out i'd actually fractured a small bone in my hand and was advised not to ride for 6 weeks!
With the help of the first aider and friends I managed to freeze my hand enough and take enough pain killers to get a run in, little did I know that 1 run was to land me in 2nd place!
I learn't a lot that day, you don't always have to jump high and you don't always need the full use of your left hand to get on a podium!
My racing days will be few and far between now, my aim now is to help others achieve their first step on the podium.

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