"Adam has endless enfestious enthusiasm that passes on to everyone he works with. He's a superb coach with children and adults a like and has a special untapped gift for dealing with disengaged young people. I cannot wait to work with him again." 

Hannah Escott, CEO Open Trail.


“Adam’s passion and love for cycling is clear from the get go. This made for a very engaging coaching session. Learned loads, gained confidence and quashed some bad habits. But most of all had a load of fun along the way. Looking forward to the next session. Thank you!”

David Carr


I have known Adam for a few years now and always been impressed by his positive and friendly nature, he puts people immediately at their ease and has the ability communicate with people from any walk of life. 

His ability to examine riding skills and then explaining how to execute the new skill or technique is excellent and has the unusual knack of offering the solution in the best way for the individual concerned.

This was bought home to me on a recent ride out with Adam as we approached a trail feature I have backed away from for 3 years. With his insights and examples of how to approach the feature I was finally able to conquer my fear and ride the drop safely in full control. It was still my choice and in my own time and this to me marks out Adam as one of the best coaches I have known.

Thanks again Ad, all the best

Bruce Gardiner


As I’ve started to become more active in going out regular on my mountain bike, I wanted to book a full day coaching lesson. As a rider, my desire is to progress in becoming more confident, upping my skill sets and eradicate any bad habits. Today was the first time in meeting Adam. From the onset, I was inspired by his positive attitude, which raised my confidence in allowing me to progress throughout the day to a higher level. Adam’s teaching started out on how imperative mastering the fundamentals of body movement is to gaining bike control. 

I was impressed on how thorough Adam explained and demonstrated each fundamental procedure (and how they are linked) before I attempted it. Throughout the day it was a nice touch that Adam took action pictures with videos capturing the moment for me to review later and to improve on. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is interested in honing their mountain bike skills from a complete novice up to advanced level, as Adam very much tailors the course to the individual and their requirements. I have really enjoyed today, not only seeing a vast improvement in my mountain biking, but I have come away with happy memories and a new friend. 

Michael Wood