Merida eOneSixty 8000 Demo

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Saturday18th January saw us have the chance to try out the Merida eOneSixty 8000.
Location: Llandegla
Tempeture: 1c
Weather: Sunny
Conditions: Ice Rink
The XL felt perfect for our 6'2" height, the bike felt lightweight with the all carbon front end and aluminium rear.
The Shimano motor and computer worked really well and is nicely tucked away under the bars. The screen was big enough for you to quick glance at but not off putting. A subtle "beep" when you've entered Boost Mode is really handy so you don't have to take your eyes off the trail.
The 8000 runs SLX brakes with an XT rear mech/cassette, the dropper post, saddle, bars and stem are all Merida own brand. The saddle and grips were tough and felt uncomfortable quite quickly, these are personal opinions though and don't reflect on the actual bikes handling capabilities.
Rochshox covers the suspension with rebound adjustability and lockout.
We headed off up the hill and the first test of the eOneSixty was to actually turn it off!
If an eBike pedals well with no motor on you don't have to panic should that battery ever give up on you. Many eBikes we've tried feel like your pedalling through mud but the Merida kept up nicely with the normal analogue bikes with not much extra effort.
Turning on the motor the assist is gradual, some motor units give you a "punch" of power which in some cases is helpful and some not so...
Eco and Trail mode was plentiful for the first entitle climb, we used Boost Mode twice for some extra steep off piste climbs and once again the power comes in gradual.
Point the Merida downhill and the "Mullet" setup (29" Front, 27.5" rear wheel) really comes in to its own. Fast rolling speed and the ability to really throw the bike around as you would with an analogue.
The added weight down low keeps the bike planted through the rough terrain and really builds confidence as the speed increase.
The Merida is very well balanced and this really shows when you're in the air, at no point did the bike feel unsteady whilst jumping and we were able to manoeuvre it around with relative ease.
Overall the Merida eOneSixty 8000 is a great all rounder and definitely opens up the ability to ride more and smile more!
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