Private Trail Trials Course

Private Trail Trials Course

This is aimed at competent riders who have mastered all the MTB Foundation Core Skills. If you haven’t, don’t worry, you’re only a few clicks away!

Simply click the course list above and find which course suits your skill needs the best.

We developed this course to broaden your trail skills. Below we will take you through what we have to offer. 

You can bespoke this course so it fits you and your riding needs.

Course Content


The ability to balance in one spot, great for all manner of cycling... from waiting for that red light on your road bike or waiting for those bleeps on a race run!


Pulling the front brake so the rear wheel comes up can seem daunting, but with practice it’s a very useful tool. Plus it looks very trick!


A rolling version of the Endo, brake modulation and confidence is key here but progress is relatively safe and fun.

Front Pivot

A great tool to have on the trails, Enduro tracks are getting tighter and so are the corners. We link the Stoppie and front pivot (with a twist!) to allow you take those tight corners with style and finesse.


The ability to balance on the rear wheel is always a show stopper. Mastering this technique can take a while but with our instruction we’re sure to get you having a wheelie good time!

Gap Jumps

Learn to jump gaps at low speeds using two techniques which we’ve mastered over the years. This again is suited for more advanced riders. However, if you fancy a challenge get in touch.

Side Hop

Have you ever been on a trail with a rut running close to your wheels? 

Wished you could change position without the risk of losing the control of your bike? 

This technique is for you.

Slow Speed Drop Off 

Speed is certainly your friend, but what happens when you loose this speed and you approach a drop off? 

It’s too late to bail but too slippery to stop. Your options seem pretty slim...

We’ll teach you techniques that have taken us years to master but have certainly helped us avoid sticky situations.

Bunny Hop

One of the Core Foundation Skills and a must if you’re looking to progress in MTB. Get some air between those tyres and add that extra pop to your jump technique.

Bump Up

Imagine the scene. You’re on a trail, roosting corners like a pro then suddenly you notice a tree has fallen across the trail.

This would normally be a flow killer, but what if it didn’t have to be?

The Bump Up can be used in many aspects and once again, a great tool to have in your skills bag.

(The ability to American Bunny Hop is a must for this technique).

Your very own course edit is available, simply select the option from the drop down menu.


Additional Information

Half and Full Day Courses are available, Full Day Courses allow for extra detail and trail time.

Make sure you check below for Testimonies from previous riders who have benefitted from this course.

Max Group Size: 6

Min Age: 18* (unless accompanied by an adult)

Course Start Times: Full Day 10:00am - 3:00pm (Short break included)

AM Half Day: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Photos and videos may be taken for instruction and used on social media. If you would prefer to opt-out of this please inform your instructor on the day.