SkillsLoop Socks
SkillsLoop Socks

SkillsLoop Socks

High quality socks for high quality riders! 

If you’re looking for comfort and style then these 1st Edition SkillsLoop socks will be your first pick out the drawer every time! With their unique middle band it adds support without feeling restricted. With two option of thickness we have tried to cater for all riders and all weathers! 

Breathability is matched to much higher end branded socks at much higher prices too!

You might even ride faster and jump higher but we can’t guarantee that!

Thick:  Elasticated middle band for compression and comfort. Logo front and rear of sock, keeps your feet warm on those wintery rides.

Thin: Water repellant, ideal for riders who prefer that thinner more breathable sock. Logo front and rear of sock. Quick drying.