Private Advance Course

Private Advance Course

This course is aimed at confident riders, who are able to tackle most of the UK bike parks but sometimes find themselves taking those alternative lines. If you are looking for a confidence boost, or even those extra seconds for that up and coming race, we are here to help.

Course Content

Bike Check

We will ensure your bike is setup for maximum performance and advise where necessary for repair or replacement. This will aid in your confidence and progression during your course sessions


We will quickly go over the basics and warm up before continuing the course. If you are a returning customer use this time to show off your new skills that you have learnt from previous courses.

Double or Nothing!

You’ve mastered Table Tops, now it’s time to go Double or Nothing!
We will go over all the Core Jump Skills and warm up on a Table Top and when the instructor feels you are ready you will progress onto graded jumps with gaps separating the take off and landing. The instructor will give you in-depth feedback at all points throughout the course, but if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!

Drops and Pre Hop

After a quick warm up we will progress to the bigger drop offs, so feeling confident is key here... mustering up all those core skills will enable you to go bigger than you ever thought possible.
Pre Hops are a racer’s best friend but they are also very technical - timing and speed is crucial. This part of the course is optional and will only be taught if the instructor feels you are ready.

Steep Cornering

Tricky steep corners can be a nightmare, but with the right line choice and skills they can quickly become great fun. Core Skills, commitment and a strong nerve will definitely help here.


Taking all what you have learnt and putting it altogether can sometimes be mind blowing but with the help of our instructors you will soon be shredding those trails like a pro! 

Your very own course edit is available, simply select the option from the drop down menu.

Additional Information

Half and Full Day Courses are available, Full Day Courses allow for extra detail and trail time.

Make sure you check below for Testimonies from previous riders who have benefitted from this course.

Max Group Size: 6

Min Age: 18* (unless accompanied by an adult)

Course Start Times: Full Day 10:00am - 3:00pm (Short break included)

AM Half Day: 10:00am - 1:00pm 

Photos and videos may be taken for instruction and used on social media. If you would prefer to opt-out of this please inform your instructor on the day.