Welcome to SkillsLoop

Mountain Bike Training With A Smile.

Not only do we offer expert tuition through a whole degree of Mountain Bike Skills but we give you the belief that you can achieve anything with practice.

Through structured courses we take you from Intro to an Advanced rider. We even offer a bespoke ‘TrailTrials’ course so you can learn some fancy new skills that will get you out of any sticky situation out on the trails.

Our “How To” portal is available for all customers who have been on a course.

This will enable you to look back and make sure you are doing exactly what our instructors have taught you on your own course. 

As you progress, so will the How To videos, meaning you will never be without your own personal coach whilst out on your ride.

All our instructors are minimum MIAS 2 Qualified, hold a full HSE Outdoor First Aid Certification and are fully insured.