Private Beginners Course

Private Beginners Course

Having mastered the Intro Course we move onto the Beginner Course. We will be taking all that you have learned on your Intro Course and turning up that Stoke-O-Meter!

At this stage you will be comfortable with Bike Balance and be confident in riding a bike on flat terrain.

Course Content


Here we Recap everything in the Intro Course. This acts as a great refresher and more importantly a warm up for your body and mind.

Pump It

Pumping is a fundamental technique. Learning this early will help you on your quest to becoming a biking god!
We will work with both flat and bumpy terrain allowing you to start understanding the ‘flow of the trail’.
You will even learn to build speed without pedalling, how cool is that!

Lift Off

Time to get those wheels off the ground!
Front and Rear Wheel Lifts allow you to avoid those pesky obstacles on the trail.
Do you feel that “you don’t have enough strength” to lift the bike?
Good news! You don’t need strength, but good technique is a must!


Turning up the speed a little, we start cornering like the pros!

Entry and Exit speeds are critical here, lucky for you we love corners and love teaching on them even more. We will soon have you smiling through those corners you’ve previously hated.

Drop Off Technique

In this section we will focus on Drop Offs. The interesting fact is once you have mastered the Drop Off technique on smaller drops the progression is relatively quick and, more importantly, safe.
Your safety is our main focus and this section will only be done when our instructor feels that you are ready. (Drop offs will be no higher than 2ft).

Additional Information

Half and Full Day Courses are available. Full Day Courses allow for extra detail and trail time.

Make sure you check below for Testimonies from previous riders who have benefitted from this course.

Max Group Size: 6

Min Age: 18* (unless accompanied by an adult)

Course Start Times: Full Day 10:00am - 3:00pm (Short break included)

AM Half Day: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Your very own course edit is available, simply select the option from the drop down menu.

Photos and videos may be taken for instruction and used on social media. If you would prefer to opt-out of this please inform your instructor on the day.