Ride Concepts - Are they really that good?

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Ride Concepts, are they really the bees-knees when it comes to MTB footwear?


We only have TWO contact points on our bike so it really is important we get it right when it comes to footwear. 
If you're a mountain biker looking to up your game, Ride Concepts really are worth considering. These trainers are designed to offer the necessary support and grip for any terrain, making them a valuable addition to your cycling arsenal.

Now, these are a premium mountain bike shoe BUT as the old saying goes...

"You get what you pay for".

We use Ride Concepts shoes on nearly a daily basis, we found other brands just couldn't hold up to the constant abuse that us coaches put the shoes through day to day. 
Ride Concepts was fairly new to the scene when we found them but over the years they have grown and grown, so much so, many pro riders choose to wear them over other brands and we do too!
One of the most impressive features of the Ride Concepts trainers is their grip. The sole of the shoe is made up of a MAX grip rubber (The sole density can vary on different shoe models so whether you are a BMX park rat or Downhiller they have every base covered).
The MAX grip sole offers superior traction on the pedals especially when you are riding on wet and muddy trails. Additionally, the shoes come with a durable upper, making them resistant to abrasions and scuffs, trust us when we say, they can tae a hammering!
So... the big question? Sole Wear!
We all know the softer the rubber the more grip on the pedal, harder the rubber less grip BUT more longevity you will get from the shoe.
Well, we have found we can easily get 8-10 months coaching at least 5 times a week out of the shoes and even then they only start to show pedal pin wear. The uppers are bomb proof even when we are scrapping in lines in the gravel and kicking brash back to protect our customers!
Another notable feature is the trainers support. The Ride Concepts trainers are designed with a stiff midsole that offers ample support to the feet. This provides a more stable platform for pedalling, which in turn enhances power transfer and improves overall performance... yes, they can actually make your pedalling more efficient! Some designs also have D30 protection and toe/heal boxes to really keep your feet safe on those rocky gnarly trails!
Ride Concepts trainers are also designed to be comfortable, the shoes come with a padded collar and tongue, providing cushioning around the ankle area and our favourite, an elasticated shoe lace holder! The trainers are also breathable, which helps to keep your feet cool and dry during intense rides.
Lastly, the Ride Concepts trainers come in a range of styles, making it easy to find a pair that suits your taste. From bold, bright colors to understated, classic designs, there is a pair for everyone.
In summary, Ride Concepts mountain bike trainers are an excellent choice for any serious mountain biker. With their exceptional grip, support, comfort, and style, they will elevate your riding game and help you tackle even the most challenging terrain with ease.

Click here to see which design suits your riding style best.

See you trail side!

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